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Shop for everyday items that are free of petroleum-based plastics and wood.

Toilet paper? Paper towels? Toothbrushes? You’re already buying them. Hemper offers you a way to get your everyday essentials in a sustainable and effortless way. The only difference is that when our products show up on your doorstep, you are making a choice that is both sustainable and affordable. Also, plastic is yucky and no good for your health. Take advantage of the best hemp products for your home today!

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Hemp is about to be all over your bathroom. Step out of the shower and dry off with your new hemp towels (yes, they’re super soft). And after you use the toilet you can use our hemp toilet paper to…well, you know the rest.


Where are all of those leftovers going to go? In our hemp-derived Tupperware, of course. Having guests over? Use our disposable hemp plates to make clean-up easy and sustainable. Choose from our line of hemp paper products.


Hemp is not only a durable fabric but a luxury one. Drape your bed in our always soft bed sheets, and let the sun in by opening up our hemp curtains. Need extra linens? There’s more hemp for that.


Guess what? Hemp is about to take over your office. Oh yeah, those notepads you’ve been writing on? Let’s make it a hemp paper notebook. We have a variety of office supplies that make work both productive and environmentally friendly.

When will House of Hemp be open to everybody?

Soon. Very soon. Enter your email now to be notified when we launch!

Do your products cost more than their paper or plastic alternatives?

Nope! We don’t believe your everyday essentials should cost more just for the sake of novelty. Our prices are always competitive.

Do you offer discounts for subscriptions?

Duh! Join our House of Hemp subscription plan for our best pricing and auto-delivery options.

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